Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hoveround Mobility Scooters: Transporter GL For Comfortable Rides

Hoveround Mobility Scooters: Transporter GL - A Lightweight Scooter For Comfy Rides

Hoveround Transporter GL: Lightweight Scooter, Comfortable Ride

The name Hoveround Scooter originates from the very beginning of the company in the year 1992. Hoveround was the first manufacturer of mobility scooters who realized that, making the front of the scooter round, will make it immensely more maneuverable. From then on, scooters can operate in bathrooms, narrow kitchens, hallways, as well as outdoors.

After just about 20 years, Hoveround scooters are some of the most respected mobility scooters in the industry.

Hoveround Transporter GL Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Hoveround Transporter GL is the stylish new addition to the Hoveround mobility scooter line of mobility products and accessories.

Here are some of the top features:

  1. The 360 degrees swivel seat that can also slide
  2. Solid 3" ground clearance

Hoveround Transporter GL has been able to significantly increase its comfort for the user.

You can more easily get out of the scooter when you have to with the adjustable tiller and the sliding seat.

When navigating the sidewalks and the curb cuts, the relatively high ground clearance combined with comfortable, air filled tires, will add to the comfort on the road.

And with comfortable, fast ride over any obstacles, you are guaranteed to have fun riding.


  1. Can not get a more powerful combination of power and comfort at this price
  2. Highly maneuverable


  1. Not as light as some other lightweight mobility scooters

Who will Transporter GL by Hoveround be most suited for?

Hoveround Transporter will work great for people who like to drive longer distances on a regular basis and do it in comfort.

Finally, Is Hoveround Transporter GL worth buying for you?

If you value a high level of comfort moving around in your house, and also resting comfortably when you need to rest, then Hoveround Transporter will be ideal for you. You will be able to use it for longer trips, and you may as well spend the whole day in it while at home because it is just so comfortable.
Get more information about Hoveround here: http://lightweightmobilityscooter.com/hoveround_scooter.html.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Stand Lift For Stairs Works Great For Narrow Stairs

Stand Lift For Narrow Stairs 

For seniors, climbing the stairs is one of the main activities leading to falls. A fall is not to be taken lightly, at all. That's where secure stand lift for stairs comes in play.

In addition, a standing stand lift for chairs is also recommended when your knees do not allow you to fully bend them.

Note: No matter how tempting, if you stand on the footrest of a regular stairlift, it could be very dangerous for you and the stairlift.

Instead, just get a stand lift for stairs.

Two of the top manufacturers of stand lifts for stairs are Meditek and Acorn.

Meditek Stand Lift For Stairs SP100

The SP100 by Meditek can be setup as a stand lift for stair or a perching stair lift, depending on the seat adjustment.

Superglide Stand Lift For Stairs By Acorn

When two or more of the family members use the stairlift, this Sit/Stand Lift For Stairs by Acorn makes practical sense. When one person prefers a stand up position, the other can use the sitting position right away.

Finding Standing Lifts For Stairs: Find these and even more manufacturers under the section "standing stair lift" here http://homestairlift.net.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lung Cancer Patients Benefiting From Scooter For Handicapped

Benefiting From Scooter For Handicapped

Through our website we often receive inquiries about Medicare reimbursement for scooters for handicapped.

While we can provide some tips and suggestions for successful application, ultimately Medicare decides and a qualified doctor will need to write you a prescription for a scooter for handicapped.

Scooter For Handicapped - Who Qualifies?

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Mobile Scooters For Adults

How To Find The Right Mobile Scooter For An Adult

The saying "You Can Tell Men From The Boys By The Size Of Their Toys" is especially true for scooters for adults. While kids are usually happy with simple kick scooters, adults want comfort, power, performance, and style. The recent advances in electric scooters for adults has brought with it two distinct types of scooters for adults, the Personal Mobility Vehicle and the Electric Mobile Scooter.

For more info about our selection for the mobile electric scooter read on below http://mobilescooter.org/mobile_scooters_for_adults.html.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Mobile Scooters For Disabled, Selection And Research

EZ Chopper By Shoprider
Disabled Mobile Scooter Choices

Regardless if a homecoming disabled veteran, or someone who has an ailment that deprives them of energy, mobile scooters have given a disabled person a new lease on life. Mobile scooters for disabled bring independence an joy of life.

Depending on the remaining dexterity and your exact disability, different mobile scooters will work better for you. But some of the features of mobile scooters you need to consider regardless.

Find Out What Our Pick Is: http://mobilescooter.org/best_mobile_scooters_for_disabled.html.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Drive Medical Phoenix Four Wheel Power Scooter

Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Compact Scooter Review

Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Compact Scooter Review

Drive Medical Phoenix is actually a 4 wheel personal mobility scooter that blends balance in motion, and excellent long range for your day-to-day requirements both within and without your residence.

The contemporary, robust style of Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Wheel Scooter will provide peace of mind during your rides.

For additional info regarding Phoenix 4 wheel compact scooter go here http://mobilescooter.org/drive_medical_phoenix_4_compact_scooter.html.