Thursday, April 19, 2012

Used Electric Wheelchair, Can It Be A Great Deal? Five Points To Consider

Red Luggie, Portable Mobility Scooter
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When you need to upgrade to a power wheelchair and you are not awash in funds, looking into a used power chair makes sense.

The five reasons why getting a used power wheelchair is a great idea are here.

Here you have all five.

Reason Number One To Buy A Used Mobility Scooter, Price

If you are on low or fixed income, you will like the fact that, in the USA, prices of used mobility scooters are highly competitive and low.

Reason Number Two, The Power Scooter Has Been Well Tested

You will be looking at a vehicle tested extensively by them when you buy from an owner directly.

Should you be buying from a dealer, they will have tested it and will provide a warranty even on used mobility scooters.

Reason Number Three, You May Just Get Lucky

Often, a family member will buy the scooter in expectation of their parent will need that. When that turns untrue, another new mobility scooter hits the used scooter marketplace.

Reason Number Four, Not Much Can Go Wrong

Unlike cars, power wheelchairs have few moving parts, and are quite robust with their electric engines. When you drive them carefully, the most that needs replacing may just be the battery.

Reason Number Five For A Used Power Wheelchair, Getting Seller's Help

Unlike the "money driven" that some dealers might be, the owners will be mostly very friendly to deal with, and you will get good help from them to get started with your new vehicle.

During the sale, and afterwards, you should always be able to get good information from the seller when you buy used.

Just see Used Power Wheelchairs to find power chairs in your town.

For more info on second hand mobility scooters and where to find them for cheap see Second Hand Mobility Scooters.


  1. You are right and your all resons are true but i would not recommend to buy used mobility scooter
    if you are buying first time andn you have never used it before and you have no knowledge of such scooter .

  2. Buying a used power wheelchair can really save you money. And as is the same as buying anything second hand, you must inspect the item carefully. Whatever reason you have for buying an electric wheelchair, bear in mind that there’s a need to fully understand its system because it has a very special purpose. Do not buy it just for fun, but because there is a need for it.

    Lakendra Wiltse

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