Friday, June 8, 2012

Second Hand Mobility Scooters For Less

Second Hand Mobility Scooters Can Be Acquired For A Lot Less, Where & How - powerwheelchair's Space

Indeed, just consider that if you look for new instead of second hand mobility scooters, Medicare might pay 10,000 dollars for one, it will take you six months between all the required doctors visits, paperwork, approvals, and then Medicare takes their sweet time... on the other hand, if you just go with the second hand mobility scooters, like the ones here

you will look them up in an ad, call the person, go and check everything out in person, give it a nice ride, and if everything checks out, you will be driving the same day!!! What a difference! Plus, you won't be charging taxpayers the $10,000! You can really feel good about second hand mobility scooters, if you think about it this way.

Where And Why Find Second Hand Mobility Scooters Cheap

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 This article states:

When the user of a Medicare scooter thinks they got the scooter for next-to-nothing, they will be much more likely to lower the price when it is time to sell.

It just goes to show how the government creates artificially high prices ($10,000 for a mobility scooter is a lot, don't you think) yet at the same time creates a complete price distortion on the secondary market.

So if you are a little adventurous, and are willing to step out of your comfort zone, and not entirely rely on Medicare and other government programs, you can get a well functioning, reliable mobility scooter on Ebay or Craigslist.

Of course we prefer Craigslist over Feebay (!) and you can easily trade locally, with people you can check out thoroughly.

Also check out other resources with tips for Medicare Scooters and Used Power Wheelchairs.

Where To Find Second Hand Mobility Scooter Sale?

Where To Find Second Hand Mobility Scooter Sale? - Digg

This article talks about some dangers of finding mobility scooters on secondary markets such as Ebay.

For instance:

When you find a local power wheelchair seller through Ebay, and you want to visit a local seller, and deal directly, saving on shipping, you may forgo certain buyer and seller protections that Ebay offers normally. On the other hand, a small mobility scooter can easily be transported across the country without excessive shipping fees. 
Ebay handling most payments through PayPal should provide some level of assurance and security indeed.

However, you need to follow all the Ebay and PayPal rules to get protection that Ebay gives you. Saving money by visiting the buyer directly and not paying for shipping can strip you of some protections Ebay offers.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turn Any Wheelchair Into an Electric Scooter

How to Turn Any Wheelchair Into an Electric Scooter

Imagine a segway scooter. Now imagine tilting its wheel down, holding it while you sit in a wheelchair, and allowing it to drag you along. This is what this temporary electric drive for any wheelchair is all about.

A little bulky for our taste but check it out for yourself.

From the article:

The IWA, or Independent Wheelchair Assist, adds a temporary electric drive to any chair.
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