Friday, June 8, 2012

Second Hand Mobility Scooters For Less

Second Hand Mobility Scooters Can Be Acquired For A Lot Less, Where & How - powerwheelchair's Space

Indeed, just consider that if you look for new instead of second hand mobility scooters, Medicare might pay 10,000 dollars for one, it will take you six months between all the required doctors visits, paperwork, approvals, and then Medicare takes their sweet time... on the other hand, if you just go with the second hand mobility scooters, like the ones here

you will look them up in an ad, call the person, go and check everything out in person, give it a nice ride, and if everything checks out, you will be driving the same day!!! What a difference! Plus, you won't be charging taxpayers the $10,000! You can really feel good about second hand mobility scooters, if you think about it this way.

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