Friday, August 24, 2012

Drive Medical Phoenix Four Wheel Power Scooter

Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Compact Scooter Review

Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Compact Scooter Review

Drive Medical Phoenix is actually a 4 wheel personal mobility scooter that blends balance in motion, and excellent long range for your day-to-day requirements both within and without your residence.

The contemporary, robust style of Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Wheel Scooter will provide peace of mind during your rides.

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Phoenix Four Primary Qualities

Four Wheel Yet Lightweight Design

A snug 4 wheel style makes for a excellent compromise involving sense of balance and ability to move flexibly. Phoenix Four provides both of those.

As a result the turning radius is rather small for a 4 wheel scooter. You are going to have the ability to get around tight spots inside your residence effortlessly.

Due to the compact style, you'll effortlessly have the ability to take down the scooter into four tiny parts and hence store the scooter in the trunk any vehicle to be used on lengthier trips.

Double The Scooter Reach With The Addition Of A Battery

Stackable battery design makes it easy to add the 2nd battery pack anytime with no hassle at all and additionally multiply your current riding range.

That's much more than your typical stroll for the food place! Even if the evening comes on the way again, the integrated headlights will keep your journey home safe.

Intelligent Technology

The ingenious cord less electrical battery box will certainly permit recharging the battery both on the scooter of off.

Recharging both off or on the scooter will make sure you are able to always have one battery on the ready when you require it.

Select Phoenix Four Technical Information

  1. Four Wheel Compact And Stable Design
  2. Easily Taken Apart In To Four Smaller Parts
  3. Anti Tipping Wheels For Additional Security
  4. Chair Rotates Away For Easy Embarking And Disembarking
  5. Flat Free Tires
  6. Easily Adjustable Tiller Angle, Chair Elevation And Armrest Width To Fit Anyone

What Is The Purchasers Opinion Of Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Portable Scooter?

Purchasers are extremely incredibly satisfied with their purchase, they adore the tough and reliable style, the straightforward controlling of rough surfaces, and also the rapid learning curve.

Consider these reports from the purchasers:

'...easy to take apart and put together...'

'...rode it all day in the nearby Renaissance Event.'

'...quick handling and shipment. I'd highly recommend this scooter.'

Where To Find More Information?

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