Friday, August 31, 2012

New Mobile Scooters For Adults

How To Find The Right Mobile Scooter For An Adult

The saying "You Can Tell Men From The Boys By The Size Of Their Toys" is especially true for scooters for adults. While kids are usually happy with simple kick scooters, adults want comfort, power, performance, and style. The recent advances in electric scooters for adults has brought with it two distinct types of scooters for adults, the Personal Mobility Vehicle and the Electric Mobile Scooter.

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Because of the abundance of new models and concepts, finding the right scooter for an adult is not easy. In this article we will give the important qualities one needs to look for in an adult scooter. The qualities depend on the purpose the adult has for the scooter. There is a difference between looking for medical scooters for adults versus looking for offroad scooters for adults. Then we will present two top representatives of the main new types of electric scooters for adults.

What To Look For In Electric Scooters For Adults

Two main purposes of adult electric scooters today are: One, to help overcome the physical disability of an individual; Two, to provide a transportation vehicle in special places such as the golf course, the beach, etc, for recreation.

When you are looking for an adult scooter to overcome a physical disability such as being hard of walking or not having energy to walk longer distances, you need the following qualities in an electric scooter: One, you need ease of operation; what use is the scooter if it requires as much energy to operate as it saves? Two, you need stability; the scooter must be stable enough to operate both in home and on the pavements (usually such scooters are not permitted or smart to use on the streets); Three, they must be comfortable to sit in since, again, sitting in an uncomfortable scooter can be energy draining.

When looking for an adult electric scooter or PMV (Personal Mobile Vehicle) for recreational purposes, such as for a golf scooter or a beach scooter, these qualities are important: One, You need a lot of power and ability to navigate rough terrains - the scooter is of no use if it gets stuck on an incline or in the grass on the golf course; Two, you need high top speeds so you can keep up with gasoline powered golf carts; Three, the looks are important if you want to impress your golf buddies.

2 Great Options For Electric Mobile Scooters For Adults

1) Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Wheel Power Scooter

2) Pride Pursuit - 4 Wheel PMV

Which Adult Scooter To Choose And Why?

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