Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lung Cancer Patients Benefiting From Scooter For Handicapped

Benefiting From Scooter For Handicapped

Through our website we often receive inquiries about Medicare reimbursement for scooters for handicapped.

While we can provide some tips and suggestions for successful application, ultimately Medicare decides and a qualified doctor will need to write you a prescription for a scooter for handicapped.

Scooter For Handicapped - Who Qualifies?

Folks are often surprised when we tell them that the most severely disabled people are not the best candidates for a mobile scooter.

The scooter driver must be fit, both physically and mentally, to operate the scooter. The scooters have powerful engines and can be a danger for pedestrians on pavements.

Good hearing, sharp vision, and sufficient arm strength and dexterity are certainly important.

Not all applications are created equal. Medicare will only qualify you for a power wheelchair if a mobile scooter for handicapped is not suited for you.

Power wheel chair require minimal arm strength as they are operated by a joystick.

Do Lung Patients Qualify?

A COPD patient and in general other lung disease patients will usually have little difficulty in tasks like getting on a scooter or operating it.

This makes them well qualified for reimbursement on scooter for handicapped through the Medicare system.

For more types of diseases that will qualify you for Medicare scooter or wheelchair reimbursement, see page http://medicarescooter.org/scooters_for_handicapped.html.

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