Monday, October 1, 2012

Stand Lift For Stairs Works Great For Narrow Stairs

Stand Lift For Narrow Stairs 

For seniors, climbing the stairs is one of the main activities leading to falls. A fall is not to be taken lightly, at all. That's where secure stand lift for stairs comes in play.

In addition, a standing stand lift for chairs is also recommended when your knees do not allow you to fully bend them.

Note: No matter how tempting, if you stand on the footrest of a regular stairlift, it could be very dangerous for you and the stairlift.

Instead, just get a stand lift for stairs.

Two of the top manufacturers of stand lifts for stairs are Meditek and Acorn.

Meditek Stand Lift For Stairs SP100

The SP100 by Meditek can be setup as a stand lift for stair or a perching stair lift, depending on the seat adjustment.

Superglide Stand Lift For Stairs By Acorn

When two or more of the family members use the stairlift, this Sit/Stand Lift For Stairs by Acorn makes practical sense. When one person prefers a stand up position, the other can use the sitting position right away.

Finding Standing Lifts For Stairs: Find these and even more manufacturers under the section "standing stair lift" here

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